Where to Find Our Flowers

We sell our flowers by the stem both wholesale and retail.  Our customers are florists, floral designers, wedding planners and to customers who want flowers for special occasions and events or who just love to enjoy flowers in their home or office.

Wholesale Delivery

Our flowers are delivered weekly to florists and boutique floral studios in the surrounding 6 county area.  As a small family business we are very grateful for their support.

Retail Locations

We deliver weekly bouquets from April through December to our local country store, The Corner Store, in Sperryville, VA.  Check it out at cornerstoresperryville.com.

Lakota Fresh Foods - an online farm to consumer company with three convenient weekly pick up locations in Culpeper County, Virginia.  Order at www.lakotafreshfoods.com.

We can provide weekly bouquets for your retail location as well.  Ask us about this at Contact Us page.

Weekly Personal Bouquets Delivered

Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly bouquets are available at our farm and we set up delivery when we have sufficient customers in a central area.  Ask your neighbors and you can have your fresh flowers delivered to a convenient location in your neighborhood.

DIY Flowers for Your Special Occasions

Having a special event or wedding and want to DIY.  Call us for flowers by the stem.  We can provide you with our flowers and we are willing to source specific flowers that you may want for your event.  Call us or send us an email from the Contact Us page.

In Specialty Products

Skincare products made in small batches from Tender Flower are available.  These small, artisanal batches of fresh, biodynamic products are lavish treasures that you will enjoy using and giving as a special, special gift.  See tenderflower.net.

To Eat

We provide, by special request, edible flowers for your culinary needs.  This season we will be growing edibles for our local craft cocktail bar.  As us about edibles which are both delectable and a beautiful creative touch for your special dining occasions.  Call us or send us an email from the Contact Us page.















"The sight and smell of a Flower reminds of us Our Divinity."